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Acrylic Rendering Gold Coast



One of the new and exciting ways Gold Coast home and business owners are revitalising their properties is with acrylic rendering. Acrylic render is a fantastic material that houses a range of positive attributes, designed for longevity and durability. This material not only looks great but functions great as well.

At Rendering Gold Coast, we are experts working with acrylic rendering. Stocking only the very best materials, we can apply this textured material to your residential or commercial property. If you are looking to give your property a make-over, this cost-effective product is a fantastic solution.


What is Acrylic Render


Acrylic render is a surface material that is made of sand, cement and plastic. Built to last for years, this material can be used on a range of surfaces including bricks, timber and panels.

We offer a range of pigmented products, where the colour is incorporated into the mix. Removing the task of painting the surface once it is complete, this option is beneficial to jobs where time is a factor.


Why Is Acrylic Rendering So Popular



The plastic in this material makes it easier to apply, therefore reducing the time it takes to render your property. After years of working with this material, our team at Rendering Gold Coast, believe that this product provides undisputed functionality. With a range of different colours and finishes that come in a fine, medium or coarse texture, you have ultimate control over what this material will look like as a part of your Gold Coast property.

acrylic rendering gold coast
acrylic rendering gold coast

Core Benefits Of Acrylic Rendering



At Rendering Gold Coast, we are seeing more and more people use acrylic render. The plastic in this material provides the finished product with flexibility and durability. The product is more resistant to abrasions, but more importantly, is less likely to crack. As homes move over time, the exterior can fragment and chip – Acrylic rendering will be able to withstand more movement and is a great investment in the future of your home.


Applying this product to your property is a cost-effective way to boost the value of a property. So if you are looking for some added protection, or are thinking about selling your Gold Coast property, this is a great investment.


Professional Rendering Service in the Gold Coast


For high-quality workmanship and expert advice, Rendering Gold Coast have you covered. There is no project too small, or no project too big that we cannot handle. With competitive pricing and the broadest range of skills, we can help you bring your vision to life.


Our number one priority is customer satisfaction, so we will work cooperatively to ensure that the finish, colour and style are exactly what you require. For a no-obligation free quote and consultation, call Rendering Gold Coast today for all of your acrylic rendering needs.